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£33,965.60 claimed so far, never miss a claim again.

One London commuter has received £450.00 in tube delay refunds over the last year, without lifting a finger, here's how...

Every day, smart Tube and DLR passengers are using their Oyster online accounts to raise automatic refund claims for delayed journeys and tap in, tap out overcharges.

They simply link their account to our journey monitoring tool and receive refund vouchers for affected journeys. You can take advantage of this too.

Using ClaimMyRefund, you will receive refunds for delayed journeys without the need to complete any forms and this is done for you automatically.

£33,965.60 claimed to date, join now and never miss a refund again.

Tube delay refund vouchers

The ClaimMyRefund service checks your Oyster card journeys every 48 hours. Identifies and submits claims on your behalf, keeping you updated by email. Around three weeks later you will receive your refund voucher in the post.

I believe every Oyster card customer should be reimbursed for delayed tube and DLR journeys as quickly and easily as possible. Other refund systems rely on you recording details of your journeys and delays yourself, taking valuable time and effort which probably explains why in 2011 £20 million of refunds went unclaimed. This service is different, it submits refund applications without any input required.

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Tweets about ClaimMyRefund

"A brilliant refund service for Oyster card users ... a hassle free opportunity of claiming every single refund they are due totally automatically"

"...never have to worry about claiming again ... urging all Oyster card users to sign up for his service."

Devin smith creator of claimmyrefund.co.uk "As a daily user of the London underground I have become more and more frustrated by poor service and increasing delays. What angers me further is the ludicrously complex system I have to go through to make a claim." Devin Smith (creator of ClaimMyRefund.co.uk)
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Free until you receive your first refund, then just £1.99 a year

£33,965.60 claimed so far, never miss a claim again.

Tube delay refunds for journeys in and out of zone 1

1 only 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5 1-6 1-7 1-8 1-9 1-9
+ Watford Junction
Peak £2.10 £2.80 £3.20 £3.80 £4.60 £5.00 £5.50 £6.70 £6.70 £8.60
Off-Peak £2.10 £2.10 £2.70 £2.70 £3.00 £3.00 £3.90 £3.90 £3.90 £6.00